Any loss can be a devastating, life changing experience. Losing a child is recognised as one of the most traumatic life experiences. Often the experience of a miscarriage is not considered as such even though it is still the loss of a child. However, a miscarriage is a real loss that can affect one physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As part of the ‘Nghidu Kelma’ series of events, a workshop was held on ‘Miscarriage – Its Implications on our clients and their relations’. This three hour workshop, started off with the literature and what research says about miscarriage. This workshop also looked at what causes a miscarriage, the significance and grief of such an experience and its long term impact on the family.

The main speaker of this event was Ms. Sandra Castillo a nurse, midwife, and psychology graduate. She currently works as a Practice Midwife at Mater Dei Hospital, and has established the Bereavement & Support Midwifery service where she offers support to couples who experience the loss of pregnancy, loss of a baby, or loss of normality: be it because of a pregnancy following a loss or the expectation and / or birth of a baby with abnormality.

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