In previous blog ‘Why millennials stopped having sex 1/2’ we discussed about today’s teenagers tendency to have less sex than the youth of previous generations. Here are several possible reasons why Millennials became sexually inactive:

1# Millennials are putting off everything – did you notice that these days youth tend to delay things: like getting married, having a child, buying a house and etc.? It seems like Millennials are postponing everything – including sex. Also it’s not a secret that Millennials are living with their parents longer than previous generation teenagers. Thus Millennials may have less opportunities to have sex and this could be a big influence of delay sexual activity.

2# Millennials tend to have other sexual activities instead of vaginal sex – it may sound unusual but the youth of today tend to engage variety of sexual behaviour such as oral sex but vaginal sex less frequently. Fielder and Carey (2010) found that only 27% of the most recent hookups of first semester college women involved vaginal sex. Tendency to engage nonpenetrative sexual behaviour may be a reason why Millennials use to have less sexual intercourse than Generation X or Baby boomers. 

3# Trap of technology – even though new technology like Tinder, Bumble or other dating apps should help to get laid, however it’s helpful only for physically attractive people because all you see on those apps it’s a picture. “Maybe if someone who isn’t physically attractive meets someone in a bar, they can charm the other person with their engaging personality and humour,” explains the professor of Psychology J. Twenge. “On Tinder, it’s a picture.”

Inesa Lelyte is a Bachelor of Psychology student at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. She is interested in the areas of neuropsychology and neuro-cognitive psychology. Inesa is an intern at