In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is seemingly consumed with trying to keep up with everything. Unfortunately, amidst this whirlwind, it’s often the one thing that can be easily overlooked: your relationship. Lisa Brateman, a psychotherapist and relationship specialist, discovered that prioritising a jam-packed schedule over your partner can ultimately lead to the demise of your relationship. Therefore, making your relationship a priority in your life becomes essential for its sustenance. Here are 5 tips on how to maintain a strong relationship when your schedule is full:

Establish Date Night Routines

When constantly striving to keep up, planning date nights in advance becomes crucial. It’s imperative that once scheduled, neither party cancels. This ensures that you and your partner allocate the quality time necessary to nurture your bond.

Allocate 10 Minutes a Day

Make it a priority to spend at least 10 minutes each day catching up with each other. Choose a mutually convenient time to check in and communicate. Though brief, these daily interactions foster open communication and maintain the connection between you both.

Be Present

When spending time together, ensure both partners are fully engaged. Minimise distractions from intrusive thoughts or mobile phones. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of time spent together but the quality. Focus on maximising the value of the time you have for each other.

Appreciate the Little Things

Demonstrate appreciation for your partner through small gestures. Whether it’s complimenting their efforts in preparing a meal or lending a hand with chores, these acts of kindness convey love and gratitude, fostering a sense of value and appreciation.

Stay Connected Through Messaging

Even when physically apart, maintain communication through text messages. Utilise breaks at work to touch base with your partner and inquire about their day. A quick message takes minimal effort but can significantly impact your partner’s mood, demonstrating your care and commitment.

If you recognise your partner as ‘the one’, utilise these tips to keep them a priority in your life. By committing to these strategies, you lay the foundation for building and maintaining a strong relationship with your partner.

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Mandy Brincat is a Gestalt psychotherapist who enjoys working therapeutically with adults on various issues. These include general mental health and wellbeing. She also has experience working with anxiety, victims of domestic violence and eating disorders.