Willingness|Trauma and behaviour

Trauma and behaviour

Children can find it quite hard to communicate their needs and feelings. Children who have experienced trauma may find it even harder to do so. Apart from finding it difficult to understand their own feelings, they may also struggle to

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Willingness|How often do you laugh?

How often do you laugh?

It is said that on average, people laugh for 6 minutes a day. Does that seem a lot or a little to you? How many times a day do you actually think you laugh?

Smiling and laughter are simple expressions,

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Willingness|Are you starting therapy?

Are you starting therapy?

Starting therapy can be quite a terrifying experience for some. It can seem strange to think about opening up about so many things with a total stranger, and how will you be sure that you have a good therapist in

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Willingness|Finding Inner and Outer Balance

Finding Inner and Outer Balance

Yoga includes a group of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises which originated in ancient India. Yoga involves breathing exercises, meditation, and particular body positions which are generally practiced for health and relaxation.


Yoga has various health benefits – it

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Willingness|‘Am I going to die?’

‘Am I going to die?’

Many of us are uncomfortable discussing death. I work in a cancer care setting and at times, after a cancer diagnosis, patients do ask this question. It is a question that can make us feel uneasy because as health care

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Willingness|Am I a perfectionist? - Part 2 of 2

Am I a perfectionist? – Part 2 of 2

In the first part of this blog we discussed which traits may belong to a person who is considered to be a perfectionist. In this second part we shall be discussing some tips which can help a someone overcome perfectionism.

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